Working whit Video

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Working whit Video

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Is great idea work when any movie video, and the possibilty the add dots in the frames... For example, have 2 videos the 2 seconds (50 frames)... load in imagen 1 (or Video 1), one video (have a preview time), in the other load the Video 2 (have a preview time too)... Now, move in the first o second video the preview (advanced to 2 frame), in the other panel advanced too, and mantein the dots the first... in the second frame of the video can move, delete, etc. the dots (but in the first frame don't delete or modify)... but its only a one idea, i don't think good how doit the morph... :(


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Post by fantam »

Yeah, the video importing feature has planned for the next version of FantaMorph.
You will find how to morph a video within FantaMorph 3.0.

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