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Image Size

Post by guztavee »

I'm new to all this morph thing. I am trying to create a Family Video Album on DVD. I am going to be using Bust Shots of individuals and morphing the entire family from Father to the last child.

What I would like to know is the following:

What size JPEG should I use so when I render it to AVI the image will be of a good size to be viewed on different TV formats... ie Wide Screens 16x9, Big Screens and 27" screens in 4:3 format, and not look distorted.

What is the best resolution of the JPEG to use in FantaMorph and not bogg down the finished product.

Is there a way to keep the first frame of the morphed object longer, so that it can be viewed before it begins to morph, and for that matter do the same for the last frame of the morphed object to see the final result. Because I would like for people to see the start and end of the morph before going to the next one.

Thanks in advance for any help on this...

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Post by fantam »

Sorry I don't give you a timely reply because I've just seen your post. Other new posts move yours down. :wink:

If you use FantaMorph for creation of a DVD, the resolution of resulting morphs should be 720 x 480 pixels for NTSC, or 720 x 576 pixels for PAL.
Don't care about the resolution of the source JPEG files, just do as following:
Step 1, import two source images into FantaMorph directly.
Step 2, choose Movie/Size/Set Custom Size menu to set the movie size to 720 x 480 pixels.
Step 3, crop Image 1 and Image 2 separately. Set the Aspect Ratio to "Match to movie" first, it is very important to avoid image distortion. Then drag one of 8 cropping handles to select the best part of the source images. See more about How to Crop Source Images.
In this way the source images and morphing results will be able to keep on the same aspect ratio.

And, in the current version of FantaMorph you have to use the Image Sequence Packer to keep the first frame or any frame of the morphed object longer. See more about How to Use Image Sequence Packer.
However, you can do this directly on your morphing projects using a new feature of the next version 3.0 of FantaMorph.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know.
Thank you for your time.

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