Camera Panning

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Camera Panning

Post by fantam »

"I would like to share with you my first morph with the successful use of the Camera tool available on 4.0.
This is a 3 face morph animation developed using one single huge image. That means images (origin + target) are the very same one.
Morph animation was then set to go from face to face in a linear movement, ignoring most of the image, but face details. So the morph was concluded in two sequences.
Then, Fantamorph 4.0 Camera Tool allowed me to zoom in, close to the faces, hiding most of the remaining image distortions.
Another two set of sequences were added later to show an entire zoom in and out form the whole picture, showing all 3 people together.
Fantamorph also exported the reversed frames, so we can see the looping animation."

Author: Paulo F.

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Re: Camera Panning

Post by csrredcoat »

Very impressive, I need to learn this.

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Re: Camera Panning

Post by celavey »

Nice work. I will try to create my own.

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