Mona Lisa Sample

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Mona Lisa Sample

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Can someone tell me how to do this morph? TY!

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Re: Mona Lisa Sample

Post by fantam »

You actually can load the built-in Monalisa project by choosing the File-->Open Samples-->Morph-->Monalisa menu.
It is a bit different from the online sample just because we added a Track Curve to the built-in sample project.

It is very easy to create the Monalisa project.
Step 1, load the same image to Image 1 and Image 2.
Step 2, crop Image 1 and Image 2 as we only need the head zone. Note, tick "Flip Horizontal" when crop Image 2.
Step 3, place key dots on both Image 1 and Image 2. If you use FantaMorph Deluxe, the built-in Face Locator tool will help a lot, it can place dots on faces automatically.

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