Exporting Problem...blank images, shrinked images, blurry...

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Exporting Problem...blank images, shrinked images, blurry...

Post by hm8 »

I'm trying to make a morph movie with several largish (1920x1080) images.

I am having numerous problems with exporting it though. No matter what type I export it as or what setting I use, something always doesn't turn out right.

For AVI, I just end up with a bunch of blank white frames, with no picture, for other formats, I end up with the first few frames looking right, but then the rest of the images are shrunk down to like 15% the orignial size, flipped upside down, and moved to the top right corner. Other times, I'll just end up with a blurry yellowish screen for the whole movie.

The weird thing is the problem for each export file type doesn't seem to be consistent...one of the above problems always happens, but not the same one each time.

I've made sure my display driver is updated, I've unchecked hardware acceleration, restarted both fantamorph and my computer, tried using every compressor I have for AVI exporting....nothing.

Honestly I really would like my morph as soon as I can and if someone here could just export it for me (preferably as an AVI) I'd appreciate it. Here is a link to the save .fmp file:


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Re: Exporting Problem...blank images, shrinked images, blurr

Post by fantam »

This problem is mostly caused by the display driver.
Please don't expect Windows Update give you the best display driver update. You should update your display driver manually.
Please check your display card type first. If you are using a NVIDIA card, please download the latest driver from NVIDIA site at http://www.nvidia.com, install it, restart Windows, and then try FantaMorph again. If you are using other cards, please download the latest driver from its manufacturer's site.
From my experiences, this problem should be resolved immediately after driver update.

BTW, you should export as compressed AVI format as the morph (1920x1080) is large. Learn more at http://www.fantamorph.com/how_to_export ... d_avi.html.

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