FantaMorph 2.0 is Now Available!

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FantaMorph 2.0 is Now Available!

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Dear All,

We have just released FantaMorph 2.0. This is a revolutionary version! With our revolutionary rendering engine and a super friendly user interface, creating morphing movie has never been easier and faster!

New Rendering Engine - A brand new rendering engine has been developed. It takes advantage of OpenGL hardware acceleration, which may increase the morph speed up to 100 times!
Realtime Preview - Now you can realtime preview the morph effect when edit (add dot, delete dot, move dot etc.).
Realtime Playing - The high speed makes it possible to play final effects in real time without exporting to a file.
Auto Loop and Auto Reverse Switch - They are useful play controls.
Speed Test Tool - You can test the morph speed on your computer. The speed mostly depends on the performance of the video card and less depends on the CPU performance.
New Interface - The new interface with skin is cool in looks, streamlined in function, and a joy to work with! The professional edition of FantaMorph has 3 great built-in skins, and supports importing skin file anytime. If you like, you can create your own interface even.
Auto Open After Export Switch - The result file will be auto opened after export completes if you turn on this switch in option box.
Export Reverse Frames Switch - Turning on this switch will append reverse frames to the normal export result, which is useful for some formats such as animated GIF or flash export. The result movie will be played smoothly when it is looped.
New Great Add-on Movie Effects with Background, Mask, Foreground - Now you can make morph movie with these amazing effects in less than one minute!
Now Supports 32bit Images - Now you can import and export of 32bit with alpha images of BMP, TIFF, PNG and TGA formats to create professional effects.
New Image Sequence Packer Tool - This new tool makes it a breeze to create long movies with multiple source images.
No limited Undo/Redo - Now you can use standard undo/redo function with no limited times.
Improve Image Crop and Adjust Tools - Now you can rotate, flip source image, and use some new image effects such as blur, sharpen, emboss, gray and more...
New View Mode Added - Now you can have 3 different view modes (Full View, Edit only, Preview only) to switch to anytime.


Congratulations !!!!!!

Post by 3658 »

Hi ! FantaMorphers,
Congratulations on your openning of user forum.
This forum will be so useful to reg-users and potential users.
Also, the messages will be a key to develope upgrading.

I looking forward to being crowded with users.

Mr. HYUN :lol:

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