Grandson to Tiger (Layer Morph)

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Grandson to Tiger (Layer Morph)

Post by fantam »

"My grandson is a fan of the Sydney Wests Tigers rugby league team."
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Re: Grandson to Tiger (Layer Morph)

Post by celavey »

How did you do this? I mean adding frames and only hands and face changes?

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Re: Grandson to Tiger (Layer Morph)

Post by rwrey »

As the name implies it is a layer morph.

Sequence 1: Image 1 is a jpg of the original photo. Image 2 is a png image created in Photoshop by selecting the tiger face shape to match the face and neck area of image 1. The rest of the tiger image is erased (in Photoshop) so that it will be transparent in the saved png image.

Sequence 2: Image 1 is a png image of the left hand and image 2 is a png image of the left claw (the claw size and orientation was manipulated to match the hand in image 1). Both were created in Photoshop and have transparent background as above.

Sequence 3: Ditto sequence 2 except the images are right hand and claw.

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