FantaMorph 2.1 is Now Available!

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FantaMorph 2.1 is Now Available!

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Dear All,

We have just released FantaMorph 2.1. In version 2.1 we've added a few new features and fixed some minor bugs.

Share FantaMorph Projects - Do you want to share your perfect FantaMorph projects with your friends or other FantaMorph users? Just click the new menu item and then fill in the destination email address.
Add an URL to a Flash Movie - When you export a morph in Flash format, you can add an URL to the resulting Flash movie so that the viewers can easily reach the URL just by one click. It's useful for web designers.
No Limited Trial Period - For unregistered users, you can always use FantaMorph even after the 30-day trial period, except save and export functions.
Single Installation Package - The two setup programs of Standard Edition and Professional Edition are combined to a single installation package. For unregistered users, you can make trial of all the functions of our software after download the only setup program. If you purchase the license of Professional Edition, all features will be retained, or some needless functions will be invisible after purchase the license of Standard Edition.

Trial users can download the new installation package FantaMorphSetup.exe. FantaMorph 2.0 owners can free update to version 2.1 by downloading a small program.

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