transparent backgrounds and experiment

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transparent backgrounds and experiment

Post by ntgeek »

Hey, its easy enough to go from image 1 to image 2. My challenge is to shoot video footage of a person walking with a backround behind them. The last photo of this avi file will be the first one in the morph project. Problem is that photo 2 does not include him, but is only the background that he was just walking in front of. THe effect I am trying to get is to have him morph into the static, black and white them. Any suggestions?

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Post by fantam »

There is a "secret" article at here which explains how to change the color of a portion of a person on an image. And there is another "secret" article at here which explains how to morph only a portion of a person on an image.

I am not sure this is the effect you imagined, but I'm sure you are a professional video editor. :)

I'll discuss this feature with you at here or via the email later on.

Thank you.

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